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Description: Folds are bends in the rock caused by compressional forces. Upfolds are referred to as Anticlines while downfolds are called Synclines.  The very top of a fold is called its Crest. The bottom of a syncline is called a Trough. The sides of the folds are called Limbs. If the limbs dip in the same direction, the fold is said to be Overturned.

PICT0200 (Large).jpg

Figure 1 - FOLDS IN THE OQUIRRH FORMATION, UT. Pennsylvanian. Found on US 89 between Provo and Ogden, Utah

PICT0205 (Large).jpg

Figure 2 - FOLDS IN THE LODGEPOLE MEMBER OF THE MADISON FM.   Mississippian. Laketown Canyon, UT

Folding PICT0177 (Large) Swift over Ried

Figure 3 -  Overturned Anticline. Swift Fm. (UJ) over Swift Fm. (MJ). Found near Sun River Canyon in northwestern Montana. Red line marks the axis of the fold

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