Figure 1 - Colonial Coral (Syringopora?) from Monroe Canyon Limestone of Little Flay Canyon, IDAHO. (Photo 1982)

Figure 2 - Solitary Rugose Corals. Monroe Canyon Limestone in Little Flat Canyon, Utah. (Photo 1982)

Figure 3 - Crinoid Columnals and segments. The larger five-sided particles (columnals) make up the stem of crinoids. Other smaller particles are likely parts of the crinoid calyx. Wyoming Rockies. Probably Mississippian in age. (Photo 1983)

Figure 4 - Molluscan Packstone. Cross-sections are of bivalves that have been replaced by silica and have differentially eroded from a limestone matrix.  Triassic Thaynes Formation. Montpelier Canyon, ID. (Photo 1983)

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