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Description: Porosity refers to the empty space between sediments, Permeability refers to how well these pore spaces are interconnected. In the petroleum industry, Porosity and Permeability are key factors in the ability of a Reservoir Rock to hold oil or natural gas.

Porosity PICT0223 (Large).jpg

Figure 1 - Thin-section illustrating Porosity in Rhombic Dolomite. In order to better understand the potential Porosity and Permeability in a rock, a sample is brought back to the lab where it is soaked in a blue epoxy liquid within a vacuum. The epoxy then moves into the specimen to fill voids. Thin-sections are subsequently made to view the voids. Triassic Thaynes Fm. WY (Photo 1983)

Porosity PICT0222 (Large).jpg

Figure 2 - Thin-Section of Fine Sandstone illustrating intergranular porosity in the bottom half of the photo (blue epoxy void-filling cement - see Figure 1 for more information). Triassic Thaynes Fm, WY (Photo 1983)

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