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DESCRIPTION - During intense tectonic deformation, sedimentary strata can be tilted to the vertical. In some cases, beds can be completely overturned so that the top of a bed faces directly downward. 

PICT0213 (Large).jpg

Figure 1 -  Vertical beds near Periodic Springs, Swift Creek Canyon, WY. (Photo 1982)

Vertical Beds PICT0218 (Large).jpg

Figure 2 - Don't be fooled. These are perfectly vertical beds found in the northern Rockies.  Rotate the photo 90 degrees counterclockwise for the true photo angle. (Photo 1982)

PICT0220 (Large).jpg

Figure 3 - Near-Vertical Beds of limestone and siltstone. Differential weathering gives greater relief to the limestone beds. Triassic Thaynes Fm. Little Muddy Creek, WY. (Photo 1983)

PICT0183 (Large).jpg

Figure 4 - Inclined strata, Nova Scotia. (Photo 1974)

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